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  • "I had the pleasure of working with Penny on numerous projects at Eccolo Media. Not only is she an excellent writer and content strategist, but she's also an outstanding project manager. Penny knows how to get projects done on time and stay within scope. Perhaps most importantly, Penny approaches every project with grace and good humor, and is always respectful of her clients and colleagues. In short, she is simply great to work with."

    Gretchen Dukowitz, Communications Editor, AppDirect

  • "Penny is a consummate marketing professional and a delight to work with!"

    Sandi Brown, Marketing Consultant, Sandi Brown Marketing

  • "Penny is an exceptional writer, interviewer and project manager. She can link together seemingly disparate data to create a compelling story and she does it on time."

    Kristyl Karg, Marketing Project Manager, Workday

  • "Penny Bartels is our V1 writer. She is quick to grasp complex concepts to produce spot-on, compelling marketing communications, which is extremely valuable given Ad Hoc's value prop of tailoring and delivering the right messages, via the right platform, to the right audience, at the right time."

    Shelli Ryan, President, AdHoc Communication Resources

  • "Penny is a top-notch writer who is hands down one of the most pleasant people I have ever worked with. Not only is she an expert content creator, but also a great manager and mentor. I would definitely recommend working with Penny!"

    Asami Novak, Manager, Content Strategy & Development at New Relic, Inc.

  • "Penny is that wonderful talent that can both breathe life into half-baked client ideas and present creative opportunities like rabbits from a hat. Her work is always thorough, professional, collaborative and, most importantly, engaging."

    Serafina Frongia, Content Strategist, Wells Fargo Wholesale Internet Solutions

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Penny Bartels
Founder & writing wizard

With nearly three decades of experience in the technology industry, Penny Bartels has worked in a broad range of copywriting, marketing, and technical roles for a variety of companies and clients. She spent the first five years of her career on a technical track before deciding to make the transition to marketing and sales.

In 1998, Penny decided to focus exclusively on marketing content creation for the technology industry. In the years since, she has built a client list that’s a veritable Who’s Who in the technology market and won an American Marketing Association award for marketing strategy, planning, execution, and development of content. Penny has a particular affinity for white papers and eBooks and loves to sink her teeth into new technologies.

Penny holds a bachelor of science degree in information systems from Salisbury State University. After living, studying, and working in Germany for four years, she’s fluent in German with certification from the Goethe-Institut.

Stan Mims
Graphic Designer

Stan Mims is a seasoned graphic designer and publication specialist fortified with a variety of substantial industry experience. With a background in print production management, Stan harnesses more than twenty years of professional work in the legal publishing, trade association, and corporate marketing arenas. He provides critical attention to detail with spot-on execution to achieve communication goals. Stan is dedicated to providing a premier service with precise, effective design execution and a rewarding client experience.